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Why take time away from booking other Voice Over gigs!

     On the average, a narration style script takes approximately 2 - 2 1/2 hours of recording time for an 8,000 word /1 hour script and depending on the proficientcy of one's reading abilities, another 3+ hrs may be spent cleaning up that read for a clean and professional delivery of  that finished 1 hour script.  That's 3+ hours of your time spent  gruleing over editing out those "P" pop's, coughs,room noises,  unnatural hesitations and word flubbs, bringing your $ per "minute" profit down and also keeping you from makeing more money  recording other jobs.  

     Well, "Up your $ per minute rate by "Out Sourcing" those pain staking hours of editing by hiring me to do your "GRUNT" work.  I'll do the editing and perform the "Audio Clean Up" on those those jobs while you spend  the hours behind the mic booking other jobs.

      I am a reliable editor, with about 30 yrs experience in many aspects of the production & post production sides of the Film/TV industry including:  audio mixing & editing, file management for both audio and video files, as well as video editing.  I will clean up , finish and have your file made to the proper specs requested by your client while you focus your attention on being creative and booking your next voice over job.

     I have been told that I am a "Wizard" in what I can do by editing! It may have been said by my mother, but I'll take it! LOL  

Before Audio Clean up

& Editing

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After Audio Clean up

& Editing

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